4 Home Hazards You May Not Know About

(May 05, 2014)

You have smoke detectors. Your doors have good locks.
The bathtub has a slip-free pad. By all accounts, your
home is a safe and secure place for your family to live.
However, there are some hazards that many homeowners
don’t consider or even know about. For instance:
1. Blocked eavestroughs. Eavestroughs clogged with
leaves and other debris can cause rainwater to overflow
next to your foundation and crea... read more.

Taking the “Scary” Out of Real Estate

(May 02, 2014)

Even homeowners who have moved a few
times can be intimidated by the real estate
market in general, and the buying and selling
process in particular.
First of all, making a decision to sell your home
can be difficult. There are so many questions,
such as:
• Is "now" a good time to list?
• How much can you expect to get for
your property?
• How long will it take to sell – and what if
it doesn't?
Then there's t... read more.