Why a Buyer Should Work With a Buyer's Agent

(July 13, 2015)

I was recently having dinner with a group of friends and was asked "Is it better to call the listing agent or have a buyer's agent?" I love this question. It allows me the opportunity to educate people. There are many points that can be made on either side of the argument, some good and some bad. I like to tell people that a good Listing Agent is working to protect the Seller's best interest. This... read more.

Will the Neighbourhood Go Up in Value?

(July 02, 2015)

When you purchase a home, you’re hoping it will continually go up in value — just like a good investment. However, there’s something else that you want to see go up in value as well: the neighbourhood. In fact, the neighbourhood plays a key role in what the home will be worth in years to come. If the neighbourhood goes down in terms of desirability, so will the market value of the home. That’s why... read more.