The importance of reading and understanding an offer

(August 07, 2014 )

When you make or receive an offer to buy a property, it's important that you
read and understand every clause. It is especially important to understand
any conditions or any changes that are made to the standard offer.
An offer may contain several types of conditions. The most common are
"conditional upon arranging financing" and "conditional upon passing a
professional home inspection." However, there may be other conditions as
You should be aware of – and fully understand – all of them.
In addition, the wording of an offer may change during the back and forth
negotiations that often happen. Aside from changes to the price, other
clauses may be added, removed or reworded as well.
A good agent will always ask you to initial changes. This is done primarily to
ensure you know and approve of what you're signing.
A recent newspaper article tells the story of a buyer-seller legal dispute that
resulted in a six-figure judgement against the seller. This was due, in part, to
a lack of understanding of one of the clauses in the agreement.
You don't want that to happen to you. Take the time to carefully review and
understand an offer.
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