Clients that make my business grow

(June 03, 2016 )

I am thankful everyday for the wonderful people that I have the privilege to work with. The blessings come in many forms. 
My clients come from many different avenues. One sale leads to me interacting with neighbors that then turn into clients.
This past month, I have had the pleasure of meeting a lovely gentleman that was ready to make the move from the home he shared with his late wife. We started out by finding him a single level townhome that is perfect for his next stage. Once that purchase was firmed up, it was time to market his home.
Not only has Ralph been an absolute doll to work with, but he had help along the way from his beautiful granddaughter Ashley. Witnessing the special bond that these two shared was truly inspiring.
I am so excited that Ralph and Ashley put their trust in me, and I can't wait to hand over keys for his new home.
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