Surviving Multiple offers

(May 25, 2016 )

We are currently experiencing one of the hottest Real Estate markets that I have ever worked in. From all of the media reports, I am sure that by now, you know that this is definately a seller's market. In some cases, this has seller's very excited to get thier home listed to make the most money they have been able to get. This gets them thinking that this might be the right time to downsize, and this give buyers the opportunity to maybe get a home that would not be other wise on the market.

On the flip side, we are also seeing some sellers afraid to list thier house because there is alot of competition for the buyers, creating a circle of not enough homes on the market, creating more demand for the ones that are on the market, causing many homes to go into multiple offers. 

With the laws of supply and demand, when the demand out weighs the supply, you can find rising prices and of course the dreaded multiple offer situation. Having a  real estate professional there to protect your best interests can help you get your dream home. One of my greatest joys is being able to help you navigate this often confusing market.

The best thing that you can do to strengthen your position is to write the absolute best offer that you can, taking into cosideration things such as number of offers being submitted, and the wants or needs of the seller. 

Can you get yourself into the position to have a firm offer? Are you able to go subject free, are you aware of the consequences of doing so? Can you have a pre offer inspection? Has your mortgage broker advised you that you are able to not have a financing clause? These are all questions that Lorri can answer on your behalf.