Condo Buying Frenzy

(May 09, 2016 )

The Terlecki Team prides itself on going above and beyond. We got to prove this once again over the weekend, as our Buyer's Specialist, Stacey Anderson stayed overnight in the ever growing line up at Yorkson Creek Condos. 
When Quadra homes announced their release date of May 7, 2016, our Buyers promptly got in line, camping out for 9 nights and putting them at #32 in the line up that eventually grew to well over 100 people
Before they even knew that they wanted to purchase a spacious unit (which boasts a solarium, giving them an additional 200 sq.ft of living space), Mel and Sharon booked an Alaskan Cruise. Little did they know at the time, but they would be setting sale 1 day before the big release date.
This is where Stacey's dedication took over, having her offer to keep their place in line, as their son came to put the contract in his name (to later transfer back into his parents name). 
Our Buyers were very well prepared and had their top choices mapped out for their son and Stacey to step in and get them their 3rd choice on the list.
The wait is not over for our Clients, as the completion date for their new dream home isn't until 2018.
Check out Mel's interview with CTV News at the link below: